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Personalize Gmail account with simple signature editing

Posted by: jenninicolsan on 5/2/2017 4:04 AM

Personalization is the most convenient aspect of Email services and if you use Gmail for fast communication then here is how to change Gmail Signature in your account to make your messages more customized and neat.

How to change Gmail signature?

The process of changing the Gmail signature is similar to the process of setting up a new Gmail Signature or enabling the Signature feature in the account. Here are the detailed steps that you need to follow if you want to change your signature from your Gmail account:

1. Access Gmail via logging in (and if you already are logged in with your Gmail account, move to the next step)

2. Open the gear option on the right side to access the dropdown list and choose Settings

3. Now, on the settings page, open option for General from parallel menu and scroll down to find the Signature option

4. If you already have a signature added then you can enter the box (looks like the one you use to compose mails) and edit your signature by removing the text or pictures or links that you want to remove and add any new information as per your preference

5. If you don't have any signature added then your automatic option enabled would be No signature which you will need to remove and click on the signature option to begin adding one

Remember that you can only add images if you have uploaded then on your Gmail account associated applications like Blogger or you can also use a Web URL to link the image in the signature. Furthermore, you can use format options by the using the above format options palette which also has a link option. This link option can be used to link some text with any hyperlink.

Once you are done with the changes and editing and are satisfied with the final draft in your Signature box, you can click on save changes to save this as your signature that will appear at the end of all of your Gmail account messages.

If you find any complaints while using this feature, you can contact Gmail customer service to receive immediate help.

Gmail customer service is given via

1. Text tutorials available for no cost at official website

2. Phone assistance from the telephonic helpline options available with the Google service centers in specific locations

3. Email and Forum support

If you are dissatisfied with the response, you can also resort to taking Third party services

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